Her focus is on quality over quantity 

"She meets with all of her nannies and all of the families she works with.  By doing so, she's able to do the more subtle, subjective matching that other agencies who are just matching objective criteria cannot.  She's very savvy and has subtle ways of gleaning information from both her nannies and her families.   Finally, she's incredibly proactive and professional -- she was always one step ahead of me in the process."

- Jenny S., San Francisco Ca

Luckily I found Genuine Nannies

"My husband and I were searching for a nanny on our own and we were having a hard time finding the right candidates. I had to go back to work soon and we were really in a time crunch. Luckily I found Genuine Nannies. Amy Osborn and Grace Boye responded immediately, lining up great candidates and interviews within a few days. They were professional and accessible throughout the entire process."
Grace E., Lafayette, Ca

a friend recommended Amy

Amy Osborn and Genuine Nannies saved my life! After a long and tiring search for a trusted care giver for my infant daughter, a friend recommended Amy. After filling her in on our needs she happened to have someone just perfect for our family with several back up options.

- Melissa M., SF, Ca


“Thanks for checking in! In a nutshell, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Elise. She feels like family, takes amazing care of Maxine, and is pretty much everything we hoped to find and more in a nanny. I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else being a better fit for us. And please feel free to use us as a reference if a prospective client ever wants to speak with a family. We’re happy to help in any way we can.” 
Holly W., San Francisco, Ca.

The people involved with gN form a beautiful community

Amy, the person who places nannies and families together has strong core values that seem to draw the right kind of people to her business. She holds space for everyone she is involved with and makes sure all parties are in a symbiotically beneficial situation. 

- Danni L., Berkeley, Ca.