Amy started Genuine Nannies in 2007 from a simple idea, she wanted to improve the way families and nannies were matched in the community.

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In Her Own Words:

At first it was a labor of love, threading together my experience as a professional nanny for 8 years, a corporate recruiter and later a mother to two beautiful boys.  I saw a need for a matching service that took a more caring and personalized approach.

Being a new mother of two boys and living in the city, I needed help.  I tried community list serves, local mothers groups for referrals and even sites which promised a match through their database but what I found was a disconnect.  The experience I was having was frustrating and time consuming and I knew there was a better way to have a more personal experience and to connect and engage with my Bay Area community as a new mom. 

Then I thought of my experiences working through some of the larger Bay Area nanny agencies.  Finally I blended my career as a recruiter to create Genuine Nannies in 2007.   It started with the simple idea that there could be something better than a list serve or rigid corporate agency but a community of trusted caregivers.  Infusing compassion for both sides of the search, I found my dream career. 

I don't like to think of Genuine Nannies as a Nanny Agency , I like to think of it as helping people to find each other.  Simply put it's Matchmaking at the core!  This 11 year labor of love has evolved over the years into a beautiful array of deep and meaningful connections to date.