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About Nanny Sara!

Sara is truly one of our superstars!  She has worked with many families over the years but her specialty is supporting a family as a whole.  She will tell you she loves the little ones but her last family through us had 3 school age children and a teenager- she is pretty transitional.  She is truly one of the most genuine, loving nannies we have had the pleasure of working with.  We feel lucky to have had such a close working relationship with her over the years!

Read a little bit from her bio....

"I love life!  I care very deeply about people and have always been strongly connected to children.  I love sunshine, hiking, running, playing squash and making new friends.  I have been gluten-free for 12 years and would like to high-five the Dalai Lama someday.  I am a Genuine Nanny - ask me anything!"

Sara has taken child development and psychology at Diablo Valley College and Nutritional Science. She is looking for a position with a family for 30-40 hours per week where she can build a long-term relationship with.

Location: Marin

Availability:  When she meets her match! 

Rate: $30+ per hr. 


About Nanny KC!

KC, has been with one of our wonderful GN families for the last few years but now that their little ones are off to school. She will soon be ready for her next family adventure... Here is a little snippet from KC's profile with us... We love her and hope you do too!

"I am a 31-year old female with 14 years of experience working with children of all ages. Four of those years were spent with one family. I have worked as a nanny in Idaho, New York City, and San Francisco. I'm working on my degree in Human Development and Family Studies and I will be graduating in 2018. I'm an online student so my hours are very flexible. Empowering children to explore, make healthy decisions, and understand the world around them is a passion of mine that gives my life great purpose. I have always been interested in child development, even as a little girl I dreamed of running a children's home. Now, my dreams are a little different. I'm pursuing a career as a child psychologist. On the weekends, I love volunteering and doing my part to help make the world a better place."

Location: San Francisco, Ca

Availability:  Available in August

Rate: $25-27 per hr. 

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About Nanny Sarina!

Meet GN Sarina! Being a mother herself, Sarina truly understands the needs of children from infancy to school age. It is important to her to keep communication open with her nanny family and work as a team to ensure the well being of their children. Sarina speaks English, Hindi and Nepali. She is a well diverse genuine nanny who had much to offer a genuine family. We believe Sarina would be an asset to any family who appreciates a hard and dedicated nanny, someone who is genuinely nurturing and sweet and someone who thrives while taking care of children. Sarina believes:

"To help and support parents the way they like their children raised and keep their children learning and engaged everyday. In trying to find children's strengths and working towards different activities to develop those. To helping children learn different and new things everyday in life."

Location: San Francisco

Availability: When she meets her match!

Rate: $25-$30 per hr.


About Nanny Victoria!

Victoria is as genuine and versatile as they come! From being a live-in, part and full-time nanny- she is able to connect with every family she works with and is 100% dedicated to being a team player. Because Victoria connects with every child she works with, she remains in touch with her previous nanny families and sees her former charges regularly. We believe Victoria is a gem! Here are some of her beliefs:

"I believe that communication and consistency between parents and nannies is key to creating the most stable and healthy environment for children. Checking in and receiving feedback is important to me so that I make sure that I'm executing the right philosophies and parenting style so that when I'm not working its consistent for the children and we are all together working as one big team."

Location: San Francisco or East Bay

Availability: When she meets her match!

Rate: $32-$35 per hr.




About Nanny Zaira!

Meet our amazing GN Zaira. Zaira has been a career nanny for 11 years here in San Francisco. Zaira is a talented, warm, adaptable and easy going caregiver who takes her role in your home and with your children very seriously. Zaira thrives in a working environment where she is appreciated, treated like a member of the family and appreciated for her diligence.

"I am a balanced and responsible person. I will bring my experience, knowledge, and good energy to work with me everyday. I am easy going and responsible, I have a very positive outlook on life
and I value good communication and teamwork."

Location: San Francisco

Availability: September

Rate: $25-$30 per hr.


About Nanny Rachel!

Meet Rachel, our up and coming Genuine Nanny! Not only is Rachel able to multitask by watching more than one infant at a time, she is also able to connect with families and work as a team player to ensure the growth and development of children. Rachel is dedicated to the commitments she makes. She believes in longevity, open communication and works hard to ensure a happy, healthy ans safe environment for the children in her care.

"Hello! My name is Rachel and I'm so excited to get to know your family! I am currently a teacher at Mighty Bambini's Preschool and I have been there for four wonderful years. I moved to San Francisco four years ago to go to school at SF State University where I graduated with a bachelors degree. I absolutely love working with children and do not take this job lightly. I enjoy various kinds of art activities and getting outdoors to the park or museum. I'm a calm, stable, fun-loving presence for my kiddos at Mighty Bambini's and I want to take those qualities with me as I become a nanny. It's a privilege to help raise a child and I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life!"

Location: San Francisco or Marin

Availability: Mid July

Rate: $25-$30 per hr.


About Nanny Emma!

We think the world of our GN Emma! With her sweet personality and ease, Emma is a wonderful addition to any GN family! Her willingness to learn and grow with a family are just two attributes which make her a true genuine nanny! Emma is educated, flexible, communicative and extremely nurturing. We chose to work with Emma due to her all around awesomeness! Here is why Emma chose to be a Genuine Nanny:

"I chose to work as a nanny because I have a naturally nurturing personality but also because children light up my life and bring so much joy into my world. I grew up with a couple incredible nannies that really shaped who I am as a person and I am so grateful to have had amazing women as role models that in combination with my family and teachers shaped me into a well-rounded individual. I think the key to success is learning how to roll with the punches and be flexible because you never know what's going to happen next with kids and they are always looking up to you and counting on you."

Location: San Francisco

Availability: When she fins her match!

Rate: $22-$32 per hr.


About Nanny Lucy!

Lucy is GN's career nanny with over 15 years of experience. Lucy dedicates herself to the children in her care and makes it a priority to be a team player and keep communication open and flowing with her nanny family. Not only is Lucy a wonderful nanny, she is also fantastic in the kitchen! She is extremely adaptable; willing and able to take on any tasks to help a household run smoothly! We consider Lucy to be a true Genuine Nanny. Here is a little more insight from Lucy:

"I consider myself a happy person who enjoys working with children. I take pride in teaching the children to be kind, loving, using their magic words (please & thank you) and to value themselves and belongings. Most of all to never to give up! I'm a hard working person and take pride in bettering myself by attending classes and or seminars which allow me to learn new techniques and improve my communication with children and parents."

Location: San Francisco and East Bay

Availablity: When she finds her match!

Rate: $30 per hr.


About Nanny Marni!

Marni is a true superstar! A career nanny of over 25 years, Marni truly understands the ingredients to create a thriving and long lasting working relationship. Marni is able to connect with both children and parents on a personal and professional level. She works hard and is dedicated to making sure everyone's emotional needs are being met and the household is running smoothly. Marni is a wonderful addition to any family.

“We struck nanny gold when we had the opportunity to hire Marni Kent to care for our first child. To say she is a Mary Poppins is an understatement. Marni is a consummate professional, who is exceedingly dependable, proactive, dedicated, and eager to enhance the life of your child(ren) and you! She is unflappable as a caregiver and ready and qualified to offer solutions to challenges we are having.”
~Hinton Family~

Location: San Francisco and Peninsula

Availability: When she meets her match!

Rate: $30-$35 per hr.

Jessica G.jpg

About Nanny Jessica!

Jessica has been a career nanny for over 22 years. She most excels when she experiences a healthy partnership with her nanny family. Many of Jessica's former families refer to her as Mary Poppins! She is simply magical. Jessica has obtained 57 units in Early Childhood Development. With her education, experience and wholesome nature, Jessica is an ideal candidate to add to your team. When Jessica is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

"I love to enjoy the outdoors with my husband and dogs, exploring what the world has to offer. We white water raft, visit giant Sequoia and Redwood trees, and beach comb the Pacific Northwest. We also frequent live Blues and Jazz bands and take advantage of the Bay Area’s amazing cuisine. I like to cook homemade meals for my family while sometimes just being a homebody."

Location: San Francisco and Marin

Availability: When she meets her match!

Rate: $33-$36 per hr.


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About Nanny Lia!

Our GN gem Lia is as down to earth as they come. She takes pride in living life to the fullest by being happy and doing what she loves! Being a college graduate, Lia is a very dedicated and savvy nanny who believes that love, safety, and trust are the most important elements that a caregiver can establish with a child. Lia is sweet, flexible and eager to join a family where she can continue to grow and learn. 

"I believe it's important to incorporate the parent's child-rearing style and preferences into the childcare I provide. When I'm working with children, I think of myself as an extension of the parent. After discussing which parenting or education styles the parent prefers, I try to mirror that when I'm caring for the child."

Location: San Francisco

Availability: When she meets her match!

Rate: $25-$30 per hr.

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About Nanny Emma!

Meet our versatile GN Emma! From nannying to cooking to preparing your family's schedule and running the household- there is no job too large for her. Emma's warm, friendly and small town energy adds light and love to a household. Any of our GN families would be lucky to add Emma as an extension to their family!

"Hello! I am a young professional nanny living in the sunny mission neighborhood in San Francisco. Born and raised in Vermont, my love for the outdoors and for fun activities carries over into my day-to-day activities as a nanny here in San Francisco. I am a flexible, open-minded, compassionate nanny. I would love to spend my days caring for young children (especially a new born!) and helping a family as a whole by managing household tasks, running errands and shopping, managing schedules and planning activities and events. I am also available to travel with a family! As a health-supportive private chef in a previous career, I love to cook, and I am very interested in prepping or cooking meals for both the kids and the parents using whole foods to create delicious, nutrient dense food for the whole family!"

Location: San Francisco

Availability: September

Rate: $25-$30 per hr.


About Nanny Kerstin!

Say hello to our GN Kerstin! Kerstin came to San Francisco from Germany, where she was born and raised in a small but lovely town. Kerstin's sweet personality and calming energy allows her the ability to come into your home and care for your children on a very personal and loving level. Kerstin speaks both English and German, and loves teaching her nanny kids how to speak and count in German too! We are proud to have Kerstin as part of our GN team!

"I’m a committed Nanny. There hasn’t been a day when I didn’t like to be a Nanny. I would say to show the family that I’m passionate about being a Nanny, could help the parents to trust in what I’m doing. My strongest skills are, I have absolute and unconditional love for children and being a Nanny. I’m reliable and punctual. I’m respectful and well mannered. I’m responsible, creative and able to multitask. I’m trustworthy and I have great organization skills."

Location: San Francisco

Availability: August

Rate: $25-$30