Our promise to you is that we will guide you through the search and hiring process with your best interest at heart


Our network of nannies is not a “database” like other agencies boast. It’s actually comprised of a tight-knit community that we call our GN family! When you are a part of our GN community it means you are a part of something very special.  We want to help you find a new place where you feel loved and appreciated.

What is a GN nanny? Someone who has a genuine love for the job, great communication skills, mutual respect, and a thoughtful approach. A GN nanny does not want to "babysit" but wants to really become a part of the family.

We wouldn’t be who we are today if it wasn’t for the people that we feel so blessed to work with.  Our community of nannies is what makes us so special and we want you to know how much we value your trust and everything you bring to the table each and every day!

I’ve worked with many agencies and recruiters over the years, but I have never felt so much care and consideration for both families and nannies in the matching process. It has been a delight to work with Genuine Nannies.
— Sara L.


A Nanny-Centric Approach

Finding the right family fit can be difficult but rest assured we are here to help add some knowledge and prospective.  

You see, we don’t just take on any family who comes our way, we vet our families too so that we can be excited right along with you while you find your family match. 

It’s no wonder successful long-term unions can be so illusive but if you have the right tools you can pretty much find the right match and thrive! The good news is it’s not a secret recipe, it just boils down to good old fashioned chemistry.  

What makes chemistry?  Well first it starts in your gut, don’t ignore your intuition telling you what feels right.  We hope to make that process easy for you. 

With over 10 years of matching families and nannies we take the guess work out of finding a great fit.  YOU are what makes us great so we want to make sure you are meeting great families that meet your criteria as well.  

Coming into the nanny scene as someone who has years of experience as a child caregiver but relatively new to the nanny portion of that world, I was nervous to embark on the mission alone. Luckily, I had Marie from GN to swoop in and be my guiding light.
— Brittany K., Oakland Ca.


Being a Genuine Nanny means a commitment to making the lives of children and their families as a whole better. 

As one of our favorite GN nannies say’s “I’m here to sprinkle my love on a new familY!"  - Nanny Sara

Nannies come in a beautiful array of enriching qualities.  Through genuine love for the job, great communication skills, mutual respect and a thoughtful approach you can always be true to who you are and what type of caregiver you want to be.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you accept a new position you are not only in charge of the welfare and safety of another human being but you are also the protector of the family as a whole. 

At Genuine Nannies we believe strongly that it’s not just a job, it’s a passion.  Having a passion for children and for the over all enrichment of the family.  Anyone can be a “babysitter” but your genuine love, commitment and bringing to the table what ever it is that makes you special is what sets you a part.  So sprinkle on and tell us what makes you a Genuine Nanny!