+Is there a fee to work with GN?

Genuine Nannies does not charge a fee to nannies that work with us. Without you, there would be no Genuine Nannies or nanny profession. We work hard to help you find the best fit for a long-term, successful working relationship where you will continue to thrive as a professional. The only thing we ask of you is to be the best you can be at what you do.

+ What do I need for my nanny portfolio

If you are ready to start the interview process, it is always wonderful to have everything prepared and ready to go. Genuine Nannies will be collecting 2-3 working references, current CPR card, up to date vaccines including TB, Tdap and Flu Shot (if applicable,) and Trustline. If you do not have these documents current, no worries! We can work together to collect them, as we are moving along in the process. Once you are offered a trial with a GN family, we will run a complete background and DMV check. Once you are made an offer by a GN family, we will then start your Trustline process.

+ Interview Tips

Remember, interviews are a two way street. Be prepared to ask the family questions so you can gauge if the position and family are a good match for you. A few things to consider:

Always arrive on time!

Upon entering their home, always offer to remove your shoes and wash your hands.

Do not wear any perfume.

Be confident! You got this. Remember you are a professional nanny who has so much to offer a family. Not every family will be a match for you and that's okay. Utilize the interview time to really gauge if the family and position will be a good fit for you.

+ A few questions to consider asking

  1. What are you looking for in a nanny? (Have you had a nanny/childcare before? Why are you making a change? May I speak with your previous provider? What did you enjoy about your previous nanny/childcare provider? What would you like changed? What are you most hoping for your child to gain from a nanny? What do you expect from the nanny/child relationship?)
  2. What are your long-term childcare plans? (1 year, 3 years, 5 years from now?)
  3. What is your parenting style? (How do you see this evolving as your child ages? Will you support me in my discipline decisions? What do you consider the most important values/lessons to teach your children?)
  4. What does a typical day look like? (How regular is your routine? Does your end time vary and by how much? If this varies will it effect my end time?)
  5. What does your child’s typical day look like? (Tell me about your children. Tell me about their personalities; are there any special medical circumstances, allergies, asthma concerns? Am I able to take the children out for activities? What are their favorite activities? Any special routines? Preferred diet?)
  6. What hours do you typically need? (Can you guarantee hours? Do you need your nanny to travel with you? How will travel be handled? If not, do you need care while you travel childfree?)
  7. What rate do you have in mind? (How will taxes be handled? Will you be using a payroll service? Is there potential for me to grow with this position?)
  8. Are you comfortable having a contract? (I require a contract as it protects and ensures the commitment of both parties.)
  9. Do you have a back-up care plan?
  10. How will transportation be handled? (Are you able to provide a nanny car? If not, will you compensate at the current federal reimbursement rate to cover wear and tear as well as gas? Will you provide car seats to stay in the vehicle I will be using?)
  11. How will expenses be handled (for crafts, outings, etc.?) (Credit/Debit card or petty cash?)
  12. Child-related duties and household duties: (What duties do you expect? Discuss what you are willing and not willing to do. Define “light housekeeping.”)

+How long does it take to find a family

It can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to find a full-time position. Part-Time positions may take a little longer due to the moving pieces we are working with... (schedules aligning, great nanny/family match, etc.)

+ DUI/Points on your record- why these won’t work

If you have a DUI, wet and reckless and/or too many points on your driving record, we will not be able to place you with a GN family. Because a majority of our positions require driving, families require a good driving record before meeting with you for an in person interview. If the position does not require driving, families like to see a clean driving record because it shows them your level or responsibility.

+What happens if things are not working

As your placement consults, we are with you throughout your employment with a GN family. If you are finding yourself in a situation where you feel things are not working out, we will work with you to problem solve, explore your feelings and come up with solutions. Open communication is key to along lasting, healthy working relationship. We will always be here to listen, guide, advise and mentor any way we can.