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About Sitter Heidi!

We love our sweet Heidi! After working with one of our families for 7 years, Heidi is now available for date nights and temp work! Heidi is currently going to school working on her degree in Engineering. She is very devoted, professional, sweet and reliable. Heidi is a wonderful addition to any family. Her ability to connect with children of all ages, and work as a team player, makes her one of GN's most valuable caregivers.

Location: East Bay/San Francisco

Availability: Flexible! Date nights and temp positions

Rate: $25-$30


About Sitter Sheena!

Sitter Sheena started with the GN family in 2009.  Since then she has worked with a handful of long-term clients as well as some on-call work through our Sitter's Network.  To this day, she is still available through our Sitter's Network, as a Tutor during the Summer and on occasional weekends.  Sheena completed her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education in 2012 and is now a 5th Grade teacher. She still finds time over the summer to do what she loves and keeps in touch with her old nanny families.  She is getting married this summer and looking forward to seeing some of her favorite little people in the audience!

Location: San Mateo

Availability:  Summer and occasional weekend work

Rate: $25-$30 per hr. 




About Sitter Alicia!

Sitter Alicia is our one-of-a-kind sitter! With her genuine personality and love for children, she is a wonderful asset to our community and to our families. Alicia is very active, creative, educated and on top of her game. Alicia's positive energy, curiosity and compassion brings joy and nurturing to the children in her care. When Alicia is not working children, she enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling, playing guitar and singing, photography, printmaking and illustration, learning new languages, reading, snowboarding, climbing, playing with animals.

Location: San Francisco

Availability: Date nights and weekends

Rate: $25-$30 per hr.

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About Sitter Ann Marie!

GN sitter Ann Marie is a reliable, caring, safe and trustworthy caregiver, with twenty five years of experience as a case manager and social worker in the San Francisco community mental health system. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed nannying and babysitting immensely. Her approach to child care is that safety, compassion, respect and patience are the essential principles that guide her work. Anyone who knows her will tell you that she works extremely hard at anything she does. She is not a big fan of down time- you will find her folding laundry or tidying up if it's nap-time. Ann Marie loves children and feel they deserve the most loving, respectful treatment adults can give.

Location: San Francisco

Availability: Friday and Saturday evenings

Rate: $20-$25 per hr.


About Sitter Maddy!

Meet GN's creative former nanny and educator currently living in Oakland- Maddy!. She has worked with children in a wide variety of settings--ranging from working as an after school art teacher for 'at-risk,' youth in Austin, TX, to an outdoor, European- style Forest preschool, to an elite private school in Manhattan. Her classroom experience is tempered by her experience working in the more intimate setting that is a family's private home. She has babysat and worked as a full and part-time nanny for four years. Maddy's charges have ranged in age from 6 months to 10 years old. As she returns to school to study creative direction, she is inspired to return to childcare. Maddy has always been in awe of children's innate creativity and raw authenticity.

Location: East Bay/San Francisco

Availability: Temp positions and date nights

Rate: $20-$25 per hr


About Sitter Annalise!

Our GN gem Annalise is as down to earth as they come. She takes pride in living life to the fullest by being happy and doing what she loves! Annalise is a very dedicated and savvy nanny who believes that love, safety, and trust are the most important elements that a caregiver can establish with a child. She is sweet, flexible and eager to join a family where she can continue to grow and learn. She is currently working with one of our genuine families, and would love to help out for date nights or weekend assistance/

Location: San Francisco

Availability: Date nights and weekends

Rate: $22-$27 per hr.