Full-Time House Manager/Assistant Needed in Atherton

Professional and Experienced House Manager/Assistant Needed in Atherton, CA

Mission Statement

To help create a functional and comfortable household by assisting the principals and staff wherever possible


This is a long term, evolving position with a youthful family of 5 (2 school aged girls) and a 2 year old. The family is looking for someone who works fast and efficiently, will get the job done, the word “no” isn’t in their vocabulary and is comfortable wearing multiple hats. This is a very busy house with constant interruption from staff, vendors and family so ability to focus and create calm in a sea of chaos, rather than add to it is crucial. Position will act as liaison to Chief of Staff so that level of service never diminishes even when various staff members are sick/vacationing.

Home Environment

Relaxed formality. Professional. Organized. Thoughtfully planned/designed. The center focus being the safety, happiness and well being of the children at all times. There are also 4 cats and a small dog, so candidate should consider this before applying. Additionally, it’s important to know the family cherishes the term “invisible staff”.


Typically days are 8:30a.m. - 8:30p.m. M-F, with additional hours needed for functions, travel, etc.  One must be prepared to be mentally available 24/7. Weekends will be needed. Flexibility is key and critical.


The family has a 10,000 square foot residence in Atherton.  The family also has a home in Beverly Hills and another in Cabo, Mexico.

Current Staff

House Manager/ PA


2 Nannies



  1. Keep principal’s calendar

  2. Make sure all pertinent info is in calendar

  3. Schedule events/dinners/doctor appointments

  4. Remind principal of upcoming events

  5. Overview and assist with children’s calendar (and in relation to principal calendar)

  6. Create weekly schedule

  7. RSVP for various functions

  8. Act as liaison to EA for husband’s calendar


  1. Train staff in house protocols

  2. Create and maintain HR files for staff, working with domestic lawyer

  3. Create schedule for nannies

  4. Review hours & submit payroll and associated taxes via QuickBooks/Breedlove

  5. Supervise staff and maintain standards

  6. Hire/terminate staff when necessary

  7. Meet with nannies weekly to facilitate smooth changeover

  8. Act as liaison to staffing companies


  1. Update/maintain manuals as needed

  2. Print new manuals bi-annually


  1. Deposit/withdraw money from bank, as needed

  2. Act as liaison to accountants/wealth managers

  3. Pay bills via QuickBooks with explanations as needed

  4. Monitoring spending

  5. Check expense reports


  1. Maintain vehicles (oil changes/lease, etc.)

  2. Act as Liaison to Insurance rep for claims/staffing changes

  3. Get gas/car washes, as needed

Event Planning

  1. Plan/Arrange small/large events with or without event planner

  2. Track supplies/budgets

Dinner Parties

  1. Make flower arrangements

  2. Set table

  3. Coordinate with chef as to menu

  4. Create menu car


  1. Make all aspects of travel arrangements

  2. Create detailed itineraries

  3. Arrive prior to family to stock houses, if needed

House Management

  1. Work with vendors to keep homes in working order

  2. Maintain vendor relationships

  3. Create/maintain instruction on various house equipment

  4. Maintain stock inventories – ordering or shopping for supplies as needed

  5. Research needed repairs


  1. Keep security in mind at all times (lock doors at night set alarm as needed)

  2. Maintain database of alarm/door codes

  3. Act as liaison to various security vendors


  1. Schedule vet appointments

  2. Keep appropriate food stocked


  1. Help decorate for various seasons as needed, Christmas most especially

  2. Create flower arrangements when needed

  3. Wrap gifts nicely and creatively


  1. Update computers and phones as needed

  2. Trouble shoot before tech advisors


  1. Open packages/boxes

  2. Assemble items as needed

  3. Water various plants

Act as back-up, as needed

  1. Nanny

  2. Chef

  3. House keeper


  1. Update computers as needed

  2. Trouble-shoot before calling Tech Advisors