Hiring a nanny is more than just finding childcare, it is inviting someone into your life.



We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find just the right match, which is why we invest the time to really understand who you are looking for.

At the end of the day, we are not going through a database of nannies in your zip code, we are personally matching your family with one of our trusted caregivers. What that means to you is we really listen, so we can find you the best fit for your family. 

We create a personal relationship with your family to help us understand your unique needs and therefore understanding beyond the typical checklist or application process.

Every one of our nannies are personally interviewed by us to ensure they fit the mold of a Genuine Nanny and are a match for your family! 

Genuine Nannies treated us like we were their only client which goes to show just how dedicated they are. I highly recommend them!
— Charlene S., Los Altos, Ca.


We tailor our search based on your family’s dynamics, personality and specific needs. We want to meet your family! 

Spending time with your family in your home allows us to offer a personal and unique perspective when finding the perfect match for your family. Our in-home meeting is such an important part of what we do. There is no better way for us to find exactly who you are looking for than to meet your family in person.

Our thoughtful approach is what sets us apart from other nanny agencies, we believe in taking a consultative approach which means we select our candidates for your family very carefully.

Every family is different.  We truly believe in taking the time to get to know your family.  We strive to select candidates that not only meet your family's criteria but also what makes your family special.  All those little qualities that make your family one of a kind are important in finding the right match for your family.  Finding that right match is where Genuine Nannies shines!


I am convinced we have THE BEST nanny! Genuine Nannies helped us; set our search criteria, provided great candidates (none of which we were able to find from our own research), and assisted with the negotiations/offer.
— Brittany G.


Our Commitment to you:  

It’s a big job and we are ready to jump in and find you a great caregiver.  Families often ask us the “what if...” questions.  We love those because our actions speak louder than words.  

We love to listen:  We promise to dig in and really take the time to understand what you are looking for.

Having a thoughtful approach to childcare:  This allows us to navigate the search for you on your terms, it's not just about hiring a nanny, it's about introducing a new person into your life.  We give you the tools to find the right person and maintain a healthy relationship so everyone can thrive.

We promise: To always give you good advice.  To find the right person no matter how long it takes and if at some point that person is no longer the best fit for your family then we find a solution.


Once you find your match, it doesn’t stop there...

Our support extends beyond nanny placement.  We take a consultative approach that starts with a truly tailored experience for your family from start to finish and beyond.  

How do we do that?  We build in check points, help with resources and are always there for you to use us as a sounding board thoughout your relationship.  

Once you have hired your nanny we are there for you to help keep your relationship flourishing.



Let Us Help You Find Your Genuine Nanny!