We have a birds eye view of the matching process. 

What does that mean to you?  Peace of mind!


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Step 1: In-home consultation

This is a critical part of our process and what separates Genuine Nannies from other agencies. Being in your home and learning about your family’s dynamics and expectations will allow us to have a clearer vision of your ideal nanny. We will discuss in detail what qualities are important to you and what type of person you envision for this job. We will also discuss the nanny’s schedule, on-the-job expectations, personality attributes, and family philosophies. 

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Step 2: The selection process begins

Once there is a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a nanny, the process of interviewing potential candidates begins. Each nanny is put through a three-part interview process. This process includes a phone interview, a face-to-face interview and a thorough reference check. Once there are qualified candidates that match your description, you will receive their detailed Nanny Profiles. Each Nanny Profile includes a comprehensive summary of the nanny’s background, qualifications, and work-related experience. 

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Step 3: In-home interviews

Once you and your family have decided that you are interested in a candidate(s), we introduce you to them through email so you can coordinate a good time to meet in-person. We are also available to support you in an arranged meeting as well. This is your chance to learn as much as you can about each candidate to determine if they are the right fit. Your post interview feedback is essential in the process moving forward with the search process.

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Step 4: Working interview

You can choose one or more candidates to ask back for a trial period. This is an opportunity to connect with the nanny and find out if they would be a good fit for your family. The working interview is your opportunity to acclimate the nanny in your home, set expectations and observe how they interact with your child(ren) and the rest of your family.

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Step 5: Conditional hire

If you decide you would like to officially hire our genuine nanny, you will want to provide him/her with an initial verbal offer followed by a written conditional work offer. This agreement will include everything from the nanny’s schedule, on-the-job expectations, pay rate, benefits, and completion of any certificates, background checks or vaccinations. A detailed family/nanny conditional work offer is provided during this phase of the process.

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Step 6: Background check & Screening

The candidate starts their rigorous screening process with us on day one.  Included with that process are a minimum of 3 applicable reference checks as well as document verification. The first background check is done before the nanny officially starts work in your home. The second is done through Trustline, once the nanny is hired.  Trustline is administered by the California’s Department of Social services including the Department of Justice and FBI. Results include a criminal, social security, county and if applicable, driving record report and may take up to four weeks to process. 

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Step 7: Post-hire needs

This is one of the things that make your experience with Genuine Nannies truly unique. We are committed to helping throughout your term with your nanny. You may reach out to us anytime if you need advice, communication, collaboration or renegotiation of contract terms. Should you have a lapse in care or need standby childcare, we can provide temporary or on-call babysitters as well.