Why hire a nanny?

Having and in-home caregiver can bring some balance back into your life.  First it can allow you the coverage you need.  Nannies have flexibility that daycare facilities can-not provide.  They provide one-on-one love, attention and care for your children and can help tailor a schedule for a busy family.  

Featured Nanny Sara Lahey

There is nothing I love more than taking care of little ones and their families.  Since I was 5 years old, I have been exploring the ways that I could maximize my impact on the world.  

For me, watering the next generation with my love and care has been the most rewarding.  I have worked with children of all ages and diverse needs and their families for over 12 years.  I love what I do and I know, that through my care, I am sprinkling happiness into the world each day.